Our Services

Short Term loans

Small business loans or Short term loans are similar to personal loans, where you are approved for a specific amount of funding with an interest rate attached. We provide Short term loans or small business loans to the startups so that they can start their venture/ business also along with this we provide them the right direction through our advices, experiences and suggestions with the help of which they can grow their business and achieve their goals.

Funding Rounds

Many startups generally go through various funding rounds, which are basically the periods during which organization's seek different types of funding for their Operations. Funding rounds are classified into three groups: Series A, Series B, and Series C funding, each is associated with the stage of the company. We provide Funding rounds to the companies to ensure that the companies have smooth operations without any break due to lack of finances. These Funding rounds are be necessary to get your company survive in the market and for smooth operations.

Angel Investors

We are angel investors for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs to support and back startups and aspiring business owners to start and run their businesses. As an angel investor we generally act as a solo body and not involved with any other firm. We carefully analyse the business model/ proposal/ plan of entrepreneurs make investment to support them and give them the right direction to grow their business.

Crowd Funding

We are here to change the mode to raise money for entrepreneurs and business owners to make the process easy. We focus on both the entrepreneurs looking for funding and investors looking for right investment. We practice funding of a project for entrepreneurs by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically though the Internet in the form of shares, debentures etc.

Equity Funding

In order to generate the funding of entrepreneur or increase the capital we sell the share of the company to the Market. We issue of shares of the company in exchange for a cash investment for entrepreneurs, with this their business receives the money it requires and the investor will own a share in your company against the amount paid.

Donation Funding

We help entrepreneurs to raise their capital through donations. We through our big network find support for your business through investors and contributors.


Reliable Financial Option

We are the best and most reliable vfinancing option for growing and emerging businesses. We are here to lend Entrepreneurs to finance outside the parameters of business financing to ensure that entrepreneurs so that they have viable capital with them so that they can run their business operations smoothly. We partner with financial institutes to make banking experience easy for you all.

Strengthen & grow your bank relationship with us!

Every Financial Institute wants to help people and businesses, but a people or Businesses may not be eligible for bank financing or not be able to qualify for bank financing. With our Financial service you can strengthen and grow your bank Relationship and can easily access loan facilities.