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Cash Flow Real Estate Book

Indian real estate industry is worth Rs. 88,000 crores. But there is paucity of competent builders, brokers and investors in the industry. The real estate industry is in second place in terms of contributing to our country's Global Transaction Banking. Yet, economically it is considered to be a very unorganized and disrupted sector. And also assumed as dicey by many investors. But if you have discernment and are aware about fluctuating phases of the real estate sector, you can definitely earn a huge amount.

Unfortunately there are many books in the market on 'real estate' which merely thrive upon theory rather than practicality. One must understand the simple fact that there is a huge difference between bookish theories and practical precepts. These books are far from the reality. They try to create an illusionary picture of effective investment theories. In fact when you try to implement those theories you tend to get disillusioned and frustrated. With the help of dynamic marketing strategies and cheap publicity stunts, these books survive for a very short period of time.

In the background of this scenario we are pleased to launch our first book "Cash Flow Real Estate". In this book we have tried to divulge a few hidden secrets of the real estate sector in a simple manner. You will learn some tricks and tips which will help you to excel in the real estate industry. These tips will definitely enable you to create your own niche in the industry. From the fresh investors to experienced brokers and from novice builders to seasoned developers, this book is going to be more than useful. The book can be beneficial to all who are connected to the real estate sector, and it thoroughly deserves to be on your bookshelf.

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While writing this book, I had to work hard to find an alternative to creating a 'cash flow' from real estate, and faced many challenges. I have used my maximum creativity and intellectual potential in writing this book. This book is going to revolutionize the real estate sector. For engineers, brokers, builders working in this field, this rapid change will be a shattering their traditional thinking. But these changes will no doubt make the reader a powerful investor through the book. This book will give you a hard way to succeed but it will give you a definite success in a certain period of time. Working in the traditional way in the real estate sector is like working on a useless project. With this book, you will be able to overcome many obstacles while making progress in the field of real estate.